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Upcoming Bonus Shares 2021

Bonus Shares are shares issued by a company to its current shareholders as fully paid shares FREE of charge. A bonus issue is usually based upon the number of shares that shareholders already own.

View Upcoming Bonus Shares 2021 India

COMPANY NAMEBonus RatioRecord DateEx-Date
Quint Digital1:103-03-202102-03-2021
KNR Construction1:104-02-202103-02-2021
Aarti Drugs1:104-02-202103-02-2021
Ganga Forging1:312-01-202111-01-2021
Aarti Drugs1:31-10-202030-09-2020
Suven Pharma1:128-09-202025-09-2020
Anuh Pharma1:121-09-202018-09-2020
Banka Bioloo Ltd3:209-09-202008-09-2020

Benefit of Bonus Share Issue to Shareholders :

Bonus Issue increases the number of outstanding shares & decreases the stock price, making the stock more affordable for retail investors. The retailer or small investors can easily afford to buy stocks of low price. So, There is also a probability that the stock price may go up as more investors may rush to buy stocks at lower rates.

When to buy a stock to get the Benefits of Bonus Issue?

All the shareholders holding a company’s shares on the record date are eligible to get bonus declared by the company. The ex-date is usually set one business day prior to the record date, since India follows a T+2 rolling settlement for delivery of shares.

Shares that are bought at least 1 day before the ex-date are the ones eligible for receiving the Bonus Shares announced by a company.

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