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Upcoming Bonus Shares 2021

Bonus Shares are shares issued by a company to its current shareholders as fully paid shares FREE of charge. A bonus issue is usually based upon the number of shares that shareholders already own.

View Upcoming Bonus Shares 2021 India

COMPANY NAMEBonus RatioEx-DateRecord Date
Libas Consumer1:506-04-202107-04-2021
East West Holdings1:430-03-202131-03-2021
Astral Poly Technik1:318-03-202119-03-2021
Infibeam Avenue1:118-03-202120-03-2021
Smruthi Organics2:116-03-202117-03-2021
Quint Digital1:102-03-202103-03-2021
KNR Construction1:103-02-202104-02-2021
Aarti Drugs1:103-02-202104-02-2021
Ganga Forging1:311-01-202112-01-2021
Aarti Drugs1:330-09-20201-10-2020
Suven Pharma1:125-09-202028-09-2020
Anuh Pharma1:118-09-202021-09-2020
Banka Bioloo Ltd3:208-09-202009-09-2020

For Example, If a company announces a 1:5 Bonus Share Issue, So Five free shares will be given for each share held by a shareholder. So, if a company had 10 Thousand Shares outstanding before the Bonus, it will have 60 Thousand Shares outstanding after a 1:5 Bonus Issue.

Benefit of Bonus Share Issue to Shareholders :

Bonus Issue increases the number of outstanding shares & decreases the stock price, making the stock price look more affordable for retail investors. The retailer or small investors can easily afford to buy stocks of low price. So, There is also a probability that the stock price may go up as more investors may rush to buy stocks at lower rates.

When to buy a stock to get the Benefits of Bonus Issue?

All the shareholders holding a company’s shares on the record date are eligible to get bonus declared by the company. The ex-date is usually set one business day prior to the record date, since India follows a T+2 rolling settlement for delivery of shares.

Shares that are bought at least 1 day before the ex-date are the ones eligible for receiving the Bonus Shares announced by a company.