Easy to Understand 7th Pay Matrix Table

The 7th Pay Commission- Pay Matrix is a simple, concise, and straightforward table representing all the pay levels in a single comprehensive chart. This 7th Pay matrix table avoids the complication in computing annual progression, regular promotion, the span of service.

Here is Brief and easy to understand Summary of the 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix Table:-

Pay Matrix Grade Pay (GP)
Level 1 to 5 (PB-1 5200-20200)
Pay Level 1 GP 1800- starts from Rs. 18,000 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 56,900 (40th stage)
Pay Level 2 GP 1900- starts from Rs. 19,900 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 63,200 (40th stage)
Pay Level 3 GP 2000- starts from Rs. 21,700 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 69,100 (40th stage)
Pay Level 4 GP 2400- starts from Rs. 25,000 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 81,100 (40th stage)
Pay Level 5 GP 2800- starts from Rs. 29, 200 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 92,300 (40th stage)
Level 6 to 9 (PB-II 9300-34800)
Pay Level 6 GP 4200- starts from Rs. 35,400 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 1,12,400 (40th stage)
Pay Level 7 GP 4600 – starts from Rs. 44,900 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 1,42,400 (40th stage)
Pay Level 8 GP 4800- starts from Rs. 47,600 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 1,51,100 (40th stage)
Pay Level 9 GP 5400- starts from Rs. 53,100 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 1,67,800 (40th stage)
Level 10 to 12 (PB-III 15600-39100)
Pay Level 10 GP 5400- starts from Rs. 56,100 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 1,77,500 (40th stage)
Pay Level 11 GP 6600- starts from Rs. 67,700 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 2,08,200 (39th stage)
Pay Level 12 GP 6600- starts from Rs. 78,800 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 2,09,200 (34th stage)
Level 13 to 14 (PB-IV 37400-67000)  
Pay Level 13 GP 8700- starts from Rs. 1,23,100 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 2,15,900 (20th stage)
Pay Level 13A GP 8900- starts from Rs. 1,31,100 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 2,16,600 (18th stage)
Pay Level 14 GP 10000 – starts from Rs. 1,44,200 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 2,18,000 (15th stage)
Level 15 (HAG Scale 67000-79000)
Pay Level 15 Starts from Rs. 1,82,000 (1st stage) & ends with Rs. 2,24,100 (8th stage)
Level 16 (HAG Scale 75500-80000)  
Pay Level 16 It starts from Rs. 2,05,000(1st stage)& ends with Rs. 2,24,400 (4th stage)
Level 17 (HAG Scale 80000)
Pay Level 17 The salary structure for the pay level 17 is fixed basic pay of Rs. 2,25,000
Level 18 (HAG Scale 90000) The salary structure for the pay level 18 is fixed pay of Rs. 2,50,000
Summary of 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix Table

Comprehensive 7th Pay Matrix Table

There are Two dimensions to the 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix table: Vertically & Horizontally.

Vertically – The vertical range for every level shows pay-progression at that level. These indicate the steps of annual financial progression of 3{4b331c42b8926ebe542dc19d70753f982f00baa8493fa3b4ebe6aa56faa6d044} within each level. The starting point of the matrix is the minimum pay that a person gets on Joining under that Pay Level.

Horizontally– With numbers assigned from 1 to 18, every level corresponds to a functional role in the hierarchy under the horizontal range.

Here is the 7th Pay Matrix Table

7th pay matrix table download
7th pay matrix table in excel

Benefits of this 7th Pay Matrix Table

The 7th Central Pay Commission Pay matrix’s key advantages are that:-

  • The grade pay has been subsumed, and the rates have been rationalized. 
  • Central Government employees can review their salary rate and assess their current status along with evaluating their future growth in their career.

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